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A hot fire breathes life into a frigid heart. But even as I write, the fire is dying. Try as I may to fuel the flames, they are costly to uphold. As I discover more truths about the reality of the thing I want, I am becoming less attracted to its allure. I know that it will not satisfy me the way I want. So why do I still want it?


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Posted by: Eimi | August 6, 2017

The Altar of Love

Lay down your weapons
Lay down your violence
Lay down rebellion
Your heart of defiance

Love will ask of you more than truces
If you’re willing to lose
Blessing far outweighs the loss when you lay it all
On the Altar of Love

Lay down your idols
Lay down your possessions
Lay down your shrines and
Your worldly obsessions

Love will ask of you more than treasure
When you’re willing to trust
Blessing far outweighs the loss when you lay it all
You lay it all on the Altar of Love

In the holiest room
Where the curtain was torn
By the ultimate wound

Oh, the Altar of Love
Where the glory resides
For the Father and Son
And the Spirit invite

Oh, the Altar of Love
To its form we are blind
But you know when it’s there
Like the sun through shut eyes

Oh, the Altar of Love
Yes, you come here to die
But you know that it’s good
Cuz you come out alive
You come out alive
Love will ask of you more than you can give
When you’re willing to live
Blessing far outweighs the loss when you lay it all
On the Altar of Love

~Downhere, “The Altar of Love”

Posted by: Eimi | May 30, 2014

Divine Standard

It is good to be consistent; it is better to consistently do the right thing. If you follow a higher power, whence and how do you receive insight on universally applicable moral code? Perhaps your sense of justice is bent to your own standard. If so, how can you go about straightening it? Why should you bother?

DreamWorks’ The Prince of Egypt (1998). Seti, Rameses’ father, holds the crook, a symbol of his birthright as Pharaoh and claim to power.

Like the Roman Emperors, Egyptian Pharaohs claimed that they would become gods after death. They were just as obsessed with preparing for their afterlife as I am, but instead of storing up unseen treasures – “good works” – they put their workforce into building grand monuments and tombs to house their possessions. They wanted to enjoy the fruits of others’ labor in life and death, yet they wanted their deceased hearts to transcend the weight of their horde. They held a double-standard. Read More…

Posted by: Eimi | May 14, 2014

Brain Storm

What if…?

The Voyage of Life: Manhood, by Thomas Cole

The latest footsteps of the year are now being impressed on the unstable, sandy beach of time—that shore which skirts the ocean of eternity. It is a narrow shore that man treads. Before him spread thick mists and darkness: and ever and anon, we hear the plunge of some one who has fallen into the deep. But let us not fear. It is the corporeal part of man that sinks. The soul soars over that vast sea, and finds a fitter dwelling place.

~Thomas Cole

In C.S. Lewis’ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Alsan tells Lucy not to concern herself with what might have been. He stops her from becoming so absorbed in an idea that she forgets where she is and what she is doing, but for a moment Lucy almost forgets who she is: Read More…

Posted by: Eimi | May 8, 2014

Who Do You Follow?

Knight Swears Fealty

Still shot from Game of Thrones.*

The only thing of lasting importance is the glory of Creator God and his son, our Lord. This should come as a comfort; too often, however, it is discouraging. We walk the straight and narrow path, yet we get so easily distracted.

Prone to wander. Here’s my heart. Take and seal it.

When a man treads down the wanderer’s path (and all have, save one), he may become so invested in something that he finds it hard to divorce himself from it. But for the sake of his soul, it is better for him to repent in humility than to continue to turn away from Truth. He must retrace his steps back to the straight and narrow road – the sooner, the better. C.S. Lewis talks about this road in the preface of his short, fictitious novel, The Great Divorce.

Looking back and owning up to time wasted is a painful process. Perhaps a thought was intended for good yet became corrupted along the way. Think upon such things and back-track when necessary. Search your heart. You cannot fool God, but you can fool yourself. Clinging to his Word for understanding is a good way to check for inconsistencies in thought.

Lady Wisdom says: “To fear the Lord is to hate evil… I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me,” (Proverbs 8:13,17, NIV).

Training my dog to follow me helps me understand the Way of the Good Master. He allows freedom, employs discipline, and practices patience. Watching the dog meander reminds me of the road I am traveling – and how often I stray from it. When the dog returns to me, I can see that he takes joy in obedience as I do. He fulfills his telos (his purpose) proudly, and the results – gratitude, trust, and companionship – inspire wonder.

*Image found at I know almost nothing about the show or the book series by George R.R. Martin, but I find the image itself rich in symbolism: that of a warrior recognizing and pledging allegiance to wisdom.

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Light and Regret

The appearance of objects is affected by the light that illuminates it. True color is determined by seeing in “daylight,” but even this daylight standard is as changing as the tides. A painter must capture an outdoor landscape by painting at a certain time of day, for the lighting is in constant flux.

When we die and every body is cast in the true Light, what will we see? Will some hidden rule will be revealed? If only I had known that the universe operated thus, I would have acted differently. Life will have been like playing a game with the last page from the rulebook missing – there was no way to know, but we were all playing wrong. Oh the regrets I will face if such is true!

But I think the rules have been made clear. On my Gnostic days (days when I feel like there is a secret order to the universe that precious few discover) I have to consider the likelihood that God would keep vital information from his beloved children. I conclude that Justice demands a fair game.

Even now I regret some of my actions. As long as I have eternal life, surely I can bear the gift of atonement.

Posted by: Eimi | August 12, 2013

Fears and Spiders

I can think of three types of fear, two of which are useful.

  1. Fear of the law. Obeying moral or civil authority because consequences of insubordination are unsavory. This is smart.
  2. Fear for your life, also known as the survival instinct. This helps you stay alive. Life is good.
  3. Irrational fear. Some may argue that fear of spiders falls under the second type. More on arachnophobia in a bit.

The poet writes, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” Read More…

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Sanctified: Making New Men

“Redemption is like turning a horse into a winged creature.” ~C.S. Lewis

Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.

~John 17:17, NIV

Jesus asked the Father to sanctify his disciples. Christians, when they are growing in the Spirit of Truth, are being sanctified. That’s fancy bible lingo meaning they are being refined into new, faultless sons and daughters of God. As C.S. Lewis states in Mere Christianity, sanctification is more than improvement, it is transformation, and death is a necessary part of the process. Read More…

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I Am On The Rock

If you’ve never heard of an 80s hair band called Petra, you should give them a listen:


The genre did not appeal to me at first, but the lyrics kept me engaged in the music. Petra has many solid Christian principles woven through their discography. I recommend the albums Jekyll & Hyde, Beat the System, and Beyond Belief.

Used CDs may be found on Amazon or FYE for a fair price. Individual songs can also be bought on Amazon or iTunes, averaging between $0.99 and 1.29. If these options don’t appeal to you, I’m sure you can find Petra songs elsewhere on the web.

The band also sings some well known praise and worship songs, offering variety for those who don’t swing to rock and roll.

UnknownPetraFan provides lyrics in English and often Spanish in the description under each video. Some favorites of mine include What’s In A NameRun For The Prize, and It Is Finished.

Posted by: Eimi | July 19, 2013

Diagnosing the Problem

Wouldn’t it be great if, whenever you were feeling ill, you could simply have your body scanned from head to toe in order to diagnose the problem? Instead, we see doctors, who need to know where to look, so they begin by asking questions regarding the nature of our symptoms. The whole ordeal goes much more smoothly if you can answer those questions precisely.

Interrogative diagnostics (IDs) are useful in areas besides physical well-being, and you can perform them on yourself. For example, I used IDs to pinpoint why I have been so hesitant to realize literary and artistic ideas:

There has been a lag in productivity lately. For as long as I thought it was due to sloth, my fruitlessness persisted. This was in fact a misdiagnosis. Upon further introspection, I concluded that my lack of motivation was due to fear of inferiority. Were it laziness, I would not be so inclined to do chores.

Now that I know the problem, I can seek the proper remedies, i.e. confidence, study, and practice. There may be other issues present, but at least I have gained some ground. The same symptom could signify one or more different problems. Non-productivity may also be caused by disorganization,  discord, or other distractions.

What’s holding you back?

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